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Merlin 3D Earphones with Amplifier in Pakistan

Merlin 3D Earphones with Amplifier in Pakistan

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Merlin 3D Earphones with Amplifier in Pakistan
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Merlin 3D Earphones with Amplifier Specifications:-


4 Speakers : Quad Acoustic Technology
2 speakers 6.8mm, 2 speakers 9mm
Speaker Sensitive 1KHZ : 95+/-4dB/Mw.
Impedance : 160+/-15%
Speaker Mylar : 6Ķ.
Frequency Response : 20-20KHZ

Audiophile Quality Super-Fidelity Earphones with Amplifier

The Merlin 3D earphone uses Quad Acoustic Micro-Speakers to create an expansive soundstage. A dedicated tweeter ensures that highs and MIDS are incredibly accurate and detailed, while dedicated dual woofers provide balanced, full-bodied bass.

Perfect for musicians and audiophiles who wonít settle for less, or commuters and travelers who donít want to hear outside noise while riding on the subway or flying cross country.
Audio Amplifier Included
Listen to chest thumping Bass and perfectly clear MIDS and highs from any MP3 player, Smartphone or DVD Player with the included Portable Audio Amplifier The Merlin Audio AMP Simply connects between your headphones and audio device to give a instant 100% SOUND Boost with perfectly clear Bass and Treble. Equalizer controls to adjust bass and treble are also included.

Features :

Hi-fidelity Quad Acoustic earphones
With natural sound quality and directionality, and no distortion up to 140 dB
Feature audiophile sound quality and excellent noise isolation
Light & fits in your ears perfectly
3.5mm output allows to connects to any earphone/ headphone and MP3 Player
Metal Case and built-in metal clip

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